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Cooling off

I hope you are all enjoying this hot weather, I’m not as it is too hot and I keep needing to cool off. Mistress says it is all about my silly colour, black! and I should be a more sensible

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I had a lovely walk this morning running through the buttercups, as it had rained I had a very wet head and lots of pretty yellow petals all over me. I have had extra chocolate drops this week as I

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‘Soft mouth’

I have been busy again working hard with my guests. Some guests arrived who have 2 black labradors at home, well I had to do my best to make them feel at home so they would not miss their dogs

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I think mistress has changed my name to bluebells, we go out for walks and all she keeps saying is ah look at the lovely bluebells, well I look around and there is no one else there so I think

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Busy week-end

I have had a very busy week-end doing guest relations and it went on longer than normal as it was a bank holiday, but I did not even get double chockie drops! We had lots of nice guests who of

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