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Merry Christmas

I have been busy helping put the important decorations on the tree. This one was given to me and was modelled on me! and is my favourite, it is so special I tried to eat it! I just want to

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Sheep dog?

Hope you are all staying safe, personally I am still loving the extra attention and snuggles! Mistress announced today  that she thought I could get a new job instead of all this lazying about, we ( her really) thought I

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It really is autumn here in Broadway, mistress says it has lovely coloured leaves, but as I don’t see many colours I would not know. It is that really embarrassing time though, autumn, when mistress insists on catching falling leaves

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Wet walk again today, I don’t like getting my ears wet! I don’t mind paddling though, in  fact I head towards the water much to everyones horror! It is fun splashing along the side of the road when I can.

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busy again

I am busy again doing my job as guest relations manager, it is hard work having your tummy tickled while lying in the hall. I do my job so well and am hoping for a pay rise as it is

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I love helping with the potatoes! Mistress is not too happy, digging up 3 potatoes in one day did not go down well! Although I am told off I think it is so funny as suddenly I am the center

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Busy gardening

I have been busy gardening, well I was trying to help but mistress says that is has not been very helpful! She should have known that if I went quiet then I was upto something! While she was weeding…I snuck

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More white mice!

I am a real hit, my new friend purchased more white mice for me but I am not allowed them very often, mistress says I have suffered from ‘lock down tummy!’ I am getting a bit tired of lock down

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White Mice

I am such a lucky dog, the old lady who live along the road from us went off to collect a sandwich from a cafe in Broadway and she walked past the dog shop and they had re-opened! She went

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Hope you are all staying safe, looking forward to seeing you in the autumn. I had such a good Sunday. First I had a wonderful snuggle with master and mistress, then a walk followed by a treat, then it was

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