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busy again

I am busy again doing my job as guest relations manager, it is hard work having your tummy tickled while lying in the hall. I do my job so well and am hoping for a pay rise as it is

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I love helping with the potatoes! Mistress is not too happy, digging up 3 potatoes in one day did not go down well! Although I am told off I think it is so funny as suddenly I am the center

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Busy gardening

I have been busy gardening, well I was trying to help but mistress says that is has not been very helpful! She should have known that if I went quiet then I was upto something! While she was weeding…I snuck

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More white mice!

I am a real hit, my new friend purchased more white mice for me but I am not allowed them very often, mistress says I have suffered from ‘lock down tummy!’ I am getting a bit tired of lock down

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White Mice

I am such a lucky dog, the old lady who live along the road from us went off to collect a sandwich from a cafe in Broadway and she walked past the dog shop and they had re-opened! She went

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Hope you are all staying safe, looking forward to seeing you in the autumn. I had such a good Sunday. First I had a wonderful snuggle with master and mistress, then a walk followed by a treat, then it was

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It is not funny!

It is not funny, please do no laugh as it only encourages them. Master and mistress decided that because of the good hot weather, they would give me a shower! Mistress held me and master passed the shower out through

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Very Worried

I am very worried, mistress says that they are busy eating up things in the cupboards before they go out of date so they are eating cereals and using up flour and nuts which is all very well but the

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How are you all doing? I am enjoying my lock down as I do not have to do any work but I am missing seeing all my fans that come through the door to stay with me. It is really

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Hello I hope you are all staying safe, I am enjoying lock down as I get so much attention and not sure how I will cope when I have to start sharing my attention with guests! Life is pretty good

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