Autumn is here, the apples are getting larger so they are easier to bring down the garden and into the house! Mistress is trying to make apple jelly and it is not setting, I think if she added a few of my special apples it would set nicely but she takes objection to the teeth mark and nibbles skin, it all goes in a big pot I am sure none will notice! Last week I was busy helping Jess and Paul dig the 2 new flower beds, I had great fun as they did not shout at me as mistress does! I had such fun helping them. Now autumn is here I am getting better walks  as mistress loves kicking up the leaves so we often go in the woods but I do not like the hanging around as she picks up cones and conkers.

I miss my friendly guests none seems to like me at the moment and some friends of mine wrote  a review about me ( oh and windrush) and their traveler tip was to bring dog food with them! What good friends they were!

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