Autumn is here

Well autumn is here but we have had some good weather, mistress was so delighted with the weather last week we went for a long walk. It was one of my favourites as you head up towards the tower so lots of new and exciting smells and the views were beautiful. Mistress says she even saw a fox, a lady walking in the opposite direction also saw it, I think I may have been preoccupied with an interesting aroma as I did not see it.

My book keeper came to see me last week, well when I say my book keeper, I don’t actually need one yet, (maybe when I publish my blog!) she arrived with a cardboard roll for me, such fun as I rolled around with it between my paws and then chewed it up in to about 20 pieces.

I think I have won over a guest, he is allergic to dogs but still comes over to stroke my head! nixwalk

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