Bath time again

It was bath time again last week, they come around so quickly, my last one was in July last year. I do hate having a bath it means I do not smell of being ‘ME’, I end up smelling of head and shoulders, ugh! The weather was so hot mistress thought I would be able to dry out before bed time, she even aired my bed so I would not smell of ‘ME’ the following day. We have not had many long walks lately as it has been so hot but because it is hot I get to spend lots of time out in the garden doing my checking of my grounds.

We have had some of my favourite guests here this week, they come all the way from Belgium to see me, I get so many tummy tickles and they even make sure they leave a bit of sausage for me!

The blue bells are out and smell lovely at the moment but mistress is always telling me not to tread on them, well I forget as some rabbit scent hits me, I just go!

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