Broken Wag

Hi everyone, I have just come back from the vets and I have broken wag again! I used my tail so much over the week-end I have pulled a muscle, the vet said that ‘working dogs’ suffer from it and I was waiting for mistress to say ‘but Phoenix is a working dog!’ but she didn’t she just laughed! how rude. I was looked after by my foster parent this week-end and I went on 2 really nice walks and then I was swimming and that is where the damage was done and with all the excitement of seeing everyone and welcoming master and mistress home I hurt my tail. The good news is that I have lost weight which mistress has been trying to get me to loose since the autumn. We have had some wonderful weather so I have been outside busy helping in the garden and helping build a shed, so less sleeping time, might have helped with loosing weight.

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