Buckland Tomatoes

Windrush was busy with guests this week-end but I was not the favoured one so I had to make master and mistress give me more attention. I had a lovely ‘paddle’ on Saturday lunch time as it was  beautiful afternoon so I spent about 30 minutes running up and down the brook with great gulps of water and I eventually emerged…very wet but grinning! Yesterday was a wet day so I did not even get to go in the garden much but we made up for it today with a lovely walk up the Cotswold Way towards Buckland and then through the wood and out with a lovely view down to Buckland and the Buckland Tomato Farm with about 2 acres of glasshouses. Mistress collects a box of tomatoes from there about once every 3 weeks and they smell wonderful as they are all on the vine and they taste wonderful cooked for breakfast…well not my cup of tea but the guests do not often leave them. The walk was very muddy after all the rain which I do not mind but I am not keen on the towel rub down when we get home!

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