Mistress let me outside this morning at 6.20am ish and lo and behold there was a black and white cat wandering down the lawn. I could not believe my eyes the cheek of a cat walking along as if it was its garden! well I was not having that so I was off like a shot, growling and barking as I went that told it!, off the catboragenix scampered with me in hot pursuit. The trouble is during the pursuit I lost my name tag (jingly jangly) so mistress is not happy as she will now have to go and get another one made.

I had another photoshoot on the walk yesterday, mistress says that I look so pretty with the borage flowers , I am not sure that I like them as all the bees visit the flowers and buzz at my ears, mistress laughed at how fast I walked through the crop so that I would not be buzzed!

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