I was electrocuted this week and boy did I shout about it! it was mistress’s fault, well partly her fault. There are sheep in a field and they are kept from the path via an electric fence and as we left that field we saw another dog coming towards us on a narrow path and you know I am not very good with other dogs so mistress decided to back track and walk up the side of the field with the sheep and fence, there was about 6 dog lengths of space so we walked up there and waited for the dog to pass. As we moved forward I was so excited that I jumped and managed to get my back leg caught between the top and middle wire, well did I scream and not several times oh no just one continuations scream and as I was leaping around mistress could not grab my leg out of the wire so I was electrocuted for ages. Finally mistress managed to help and I was so distraught I could not even eat the biscuit I was offered to calm down. I was not happy and for the next 3 fields I was sooo good and walked to heel, but that only lasted 3 fields! Oh and for those wondering, I forgave mistress and even deigned to eat biscuits again!

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