Hope you all had a good Easter. I did I had so many friends to talk to. The stream train came to Broadway for the first time in 58 years. Mistress took me for a walk and I stood ever so still for 5 minutes waiting for the first one to leave the station. As it passed I wagged my tail really hard (instead of waving!) since then I have seen it a number of times and it does not worry me a bit but what does worry me is mistress waving at every train she sees!We had some lovely guests staying all week-end long and I made new friends who have even mentioned me in their reviews! (extra chockie drops for me!) Some old friends visited and brought me a new toy which is now my current favourite. Then we had a couple of my Belgium family staying with us and I had such fun having tummy tickles as the young mistress was missing her dog! Now I need a little rest.

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