Guest relation Doggie on Duty again!

We have a busy week-end again and I am on duty as guest relation Doggie again! I have been quietly busy with guests from Brazil, China, Russia as well as the UK. A lot of guests were off walking the Cotswold Way, I wish I could have gone with them, I think I would have been happy with the 4 ladies as they were walking 8-12 miles each day, a couple were off to walk 18 miles in one day! phew I bet they slept well after that…. they slept well here after the 6 miles from Campden.

Well all the guests are checked ion for the week-end and guess what they all love me! One couple have a rescue dog and it is the first time they have left her since they had her so I will have to work hard to reassure them that we are OK to be left, although we do prefer our own master and mistress as we get waited on paw and paw!

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