Well I am back in master’s good book again as I am working really hard at the guest relations, it is exhausting but rewarding, hopefully I will get mentioned on tripadvisor and you never know the chocolate drop treats may go up! We have had some lovely guests staying lately. Master took a couple of good photos of me but I am not sure which is my best side (in readiness for the Cotswold Life photoshoot!) I think it is this one.IMG_0075 I had a lovely walk today complete with swimming to cool me down. This afternoon I was helping in the garden..well I made a new game up…mistress only had one of her gloves on so I took the one left on the lawn and raced off with it, mistress yelled so I dropped it and then when she asked me to fetch it back I did, well I knew I would get a biscuit for bringing it back (I think she forgot I took it in the first place!!)

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