Happy New Year

Happy new year everyone, I hope you all had a good time over the Christmas and new year season. I was such a lucky dog with lots of new toys to play with and I have not broken any of them yet and still play with most of them. My bed is soooooo comfy I like bed time as I curl up in the cosy soft bed with the high sides keeping out draughts. Since I have had my new bed I have not been near my other on in the corner of the kitchen so it shows that this one is a winner! Today was a bit cold outside and I am sorry to announce that master and mistress did not take my hints of booties and a warm coat for walks, seriously, so I had to brave the elements with just my natural feet and own coat! Brrrr it was 0 degrees today but I soon forgot all about it as I enjoyed my walk in the woods. I do like this time of year with lie ins and longer walks, as it is all about me!

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