I’m still here!

I’m still here at Windrush House so please no more crying emojis. My German friends went without me, I think they were relieved as mistress did tell them about my car sickness problem, maybe they will come back and visit me in the future. I would have felt bad when I still had to do work here. I have been sooo busy again welcoming new friends and seeing old friends returning.

I am loving the autumn fruits and am so spoilt as which one to retrieve and take in to the kitchen for mistress, there are plums from next doors tree, crab apples (they roll around really well!) eating apples (they go off really quickly) or cooking apples (they are fun as they always squirt sour juice at me!) . Which ever I take in the kitchen for mistress I have to show it off, take the stalk out with my teeth, holding the fruit between my paws and then jump around it barking! After a while I get bored with it so leave it for people to fall over and go and get another one!

But don’t worry I’m still here and will be hopefully for a while!

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