Might bite

Might bite, no not me! I won’t bite! This is the horse, Might bite,  that mistress put money on in the gold cup, for me as she said it was the one that suited me the most! It did not win! so all the chocky drops I invested in it are lost ! Mistress also put money on for master and his horse won so master said he would get some chocky drops for me with his winnings! Mistress has worried me as she says that with all this Brexit going on there may be a national shortage of chocky drops so if I could ask everyone to stock pile a couple of bags for me so that I will not go without! I had a lovely gold cup week with returning guests all delighted to see me and I even checked out a couple of new hats that were on the scene. Thanks to all of them and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

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