Even after all this dry weather I can manage to find Mud! Mistress is not sure how or why I do but we walk along fields that are cracking and I find a muddy bit which I obviously have to walk in and it is normally up to my knees which usually means it gets on my tummy! I love to do it as it always causes mistress to laugh at me.

I was not laughing the other day as master was tickling my bum, mistress asked what was on my ear? master couldn’t  see anything but mistress insisted there was something and then she headed in to the kitchen with ‘purpose’! I did go to help and she was in my cupboard so I thought Oh Goody biscuits! but no she got a plastic packet out and told me to come back outside….she told master to hold my head and then she messed around with my ears, I was not good at standing but she eventually told me I was a good girl and gave me a treat…she had removed a tick form my ear! It must have been from all the long grass I have been running through, I don’t want to get another one as they are not nice and they drink my blood! Still I did get a treat out of it so all is good in the end.

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