New Job

Phew it has been busy busy again…I have not had time to even catch my tail! There have been another couple of suggested kidnap attempts but mistress has always warned them they may regret it a couple of miles down the road… when I would be car sick.

I have a new job! mistress has taught me to collect the post from the hall and bring it to her in the kitchen. This all started very sensibly but my new job has become a game for me. Now when I see the postie walking up the drive I race through to the hall at top speed, mats go flying and I grab a letter and race through to mistress (occasionally it is via the garden, the scenic route!) I then drop the letter so can eat my biscuit and then race off at top speed to pick up the next letter. It is such fun but mistress moved the mat the other day and found some letters had disappeared in the excitement of me picking them up, so she has to check there are none hidden…. so it does not really save her time!

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