German food

2 of my friends came back to visit me, they brought me some healthy dog treats all the way from Germany. I was so excited to see them, the guests and the German food. I feel so European now with my German food. They were yummy and I was allowed them each day. I do hope they come back and see me again soon. this time they invited me to Devon to go on beaches then to go to Germany with them, I was very tempted but I think mistress would miss me and I do have a very important job.

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Friends returning

I think some of my friends are returning this week-end, do you remember the 4 lovely German guests who came to stay with us last September, well they are coming back. They LOVED me! everytime they came back they spent about 20 minutes with me in the hall giving me lots of tummy tickles. They invited me to go and stay with them but unfortunately when I wrote that I was going with them some other guests got upset so I had to stay. I hope that they remember me.

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I am so excited

I am so excited, this week has been very busy with guests coming and going, a lot were only here for one night as they were walking somewhere new each day. It seems that the notice mistress put on the door asking walkers to remove their walking boots is mostly working and it means I get to check out the boots to smell all the wonderful fields they have walked through. I am on my final week of tablets (hopefully) so I think I am feeling better although I miss all the extra titbits that the tablets are put in, should be watching my waist really! But I am so excited as I now have an Instagram account nixiehound and I already have 50 followers from around the world! So if you have an Instagram account please do follow me, mistress takes photos of me most days…not all flattering but hopefully they may make you smile.

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So busy

I have been so busy this week we had 5 lovely guests from Norway for 4 nights and of course they loved me, each evening I would join them in the garden while they had a cold drink before heading off to eat.

Now we have more guests who also love me and I was busy checking everything was OK for them whilst mistress was busy getting a pot of coffee and some chocolate cake for them.

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Still getting better

I am still getting better I went off to see my vet, very special appointment as he was not seeing any other patients just ME! I seem to be making a recovery although nobody really knows what was wrong with me. I am coming off the drugs slowly which is OK but it means that I get less treats concealing the tablets! I get so excited when the tablets are got ready for me that I trip everyone over which sometimes means that they extra bits on the floor. I happy to still be getting better as it means I can go for longer walks again. Thank you to my lovely vet for making me feel better.

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More new friends

I have more new friends and they ‘LOVE’ me. They just fell in love with me… or they were missing their 5 rescue dogs left at home while they were here walking in the Cotswolds. They tickled my tummy and made such a fuss of me it was great and even better now I am feeling better as now I can roll on my back without it hurting, so therefore more tummy tickles! Maybe they will come back and see me again? I have met lots of new people this week, a couple of them were not too keen on me but the majority liked me and some really enjoyed my business card.

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Beginning to feel better

Well I am sorry I have not written for a while as I have been a bit under the weather but I am now beginning to feel better. I went along to my vet and he said that I seemed to be doing OK but now I have to be weaned off the steroids, master keeps calling me a junkie dog as I get so excited at having my tablets as they are always in a wonderful treat. I have even lost a little weight, the vet said is muscle as I have not  been able to go on long walks. Mistress said the moment she knew I was feeling better was when I helpfully got the post for her!

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As some of you will know I have not been too well, no one is quite sure what is wrong with me but it seems like I have got a trapped nerve in my neck. I am on lots of pills, master says I rattle! but I am trying to put a brave face on it all just not quite the happy chappie I normally am! As I am not allowed to go for long walks , I need to rest to cheer me up, mistress decided we would go and walk in to the bluebell wood. I was very tired afterwards but it was a beautiful sight that we both enjoy each year. Bluebells just gently swaying in the breeze, and so good as a back drop for my portrait!

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New bed?

Hope everyone is looking forward to Easter, I am as I have the dog treats that are made of dog chocolate to eat on Sunday. I am also wondering if I could have a new bed?..I know I got a new bed for Christmas but I have seen this in a picture mistress showed me and I feel it is most fitting for a dog of my standing, well lying if you see what I mean! The trouble is it is rather expensive and I think master will say no way, mind you it does not look very comfy but I would look wonderful in it!

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New friend

Oh I am having the best time at the moment. As I told you I was given some Easter chocolate dog treats by guests which I have to wait till Easter for, then Granny sent across some treats and I spied a bouncy ball which I think Granny has sent me for an easter treat. Last week I also made a new friend, well I am always making new friends than are humans…but this was a doggy friend. It was a very bouncy dog and I was not sure at first , how to play with her but she kept bouncing so we ran round the garden at speed and then played ‘rolling over and nibbling’, it was exhausting but hopefully she will be back next month. I cant wait!


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