Sheep dog?

Hope you are all staying safe, personally I am still loving the extra attention and snuggles! Mistress announced today  that she thought I could get a new job instead of all this lazying about, we ( her really) thought I could supplement my Chocolate drop allowance with becoming a sheep dog! ha ha She forgot that I am a wimp and am actually scared of sheep and they are vicious in this part of the world. One headbutted me once! any way on our walk today she said I could try out for an interview! it did not go well as they all crowded in and then turned their backs on me, no ‘Babe moments’ this morning they did not want to listen to me! Phew safe!

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It really is autumn here in Broadway, mistress says it has lovely coloured leaves, but as I don’t see many colours I would not know. It is that really embarrassing time though, autumn, when mistress insists on catching falling leaves and kicking up leaves, she says it is a good feeling! 

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Wet walk again today, I don’t like getting my ears wet! I don’t mind paddling though, in  fact I head towards the water much to everyones horror! It is fun splashing along the side of the road when I can. I am still on furlough but beginning to miss guests a bit, I do still get an occasional bit of sausage and a bit of bacon. I also get lots of snuggles!

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busy again

I am busy again doing my job as guest relations manager, it is hard work having your tummy tickled while lying in the hall. I do my job so well and am hoping for a pay rise as it is busy again and more work involved. What do you think my pay rise should be? 3 extra chockie drops of should I push them and ask for 2 white chocolate mice?

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I love helping with the potatoes! Mistress is not too happy, digging up 3 potatoes in one day did not go down well! Although I am told off I think it is so funny as suddenly I am the center of attention. They all laughed really hard when I found this tortoise shaped potato, what do you think it looks like?

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Busy gardening

I have been busy gardening, well I was trying to help but mistress says that is has not been very helpful! She should have known that if I went quiet then I was upto something! While she was weeding…I snuck off and picked a couple of beetroot, then the following day I picked another couple but only one yesterday! I don’t think that a couple of teeth marks are a problem, are they? I was just trying to help as guest relation work has dried up so I thought I would be busy gardening.

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More white mice!

I am a real hit, my new friend purchased more white mice for me but I am not allowed them very often, mistress says I have suffered from ‘lock down tummy!’ I am getting a bit tired of lock down now and not seeing all my friends, I am not doing such long walks and am doing quite a lot of dozing. Mistress is hoping that I get a bit of my umph back or she will have to take me to the vets and altough I like them there, I really do not want to go and see them…maybe I need more white mice?

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White Mice

I am such a lucky dog, the old lady who live along the road from us went off to collect a sandwich from a cafe in Broadway and she walked past the dog shop and they had re-opened! She went in and purchased some white chocolate mice just for me! They are special doggie ones and I am now allowed one as a special treat when I have been very good! I must admit that they do not last very long, mistress says that I inhale them, but I don’t, I just don’t savour them for very long! I do like white chocolate mice.

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Hope you are all staying safe, looking forward to seeing you in the autumn. I had such a good Sunday. First I had a wonderful snuggle with master and mistress, then a walk followed by a treat, then it was time for my denta stick ( keeps my teeth strong) then I collected the post so a couple of chocolate drops…then I was given a Christmas present that was kept back from last year as it was decided that I had enough already. It was found! and I was given it as a treat, I grabbed it (well I was very excited!) and ran to open it on the lawn. I opened it all on my own and did a silly dance at the same time, then I discovered it was a lion called Leo, he is my favourite! I had such fun it was a wonderful Sunday.

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It is not funny!

It is not funny, please do no laugh as it only encourages them. Master and mistress decided that because of the good hot weather, they would give me a shower! Mistress held me and master passed the shower out through the bathroom window, they thought it was so funny! So I was showered and given a shampoo, it was not funny .As some of you may know I go curly when I get wet (master calls me curlycoat! and thinks it is funny!) So I showed them, once I had been half dried I did a zoomy round the garden then rolled on the grass so I was then covered in grass bits! ha that showed them.

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