Strange guest

I have been really busy, last week-end some guests came back to see me, BUT I did a silly thing and was so excited I slipped on the sofa as I was barking my welcome and twisted my back, so yet again I had to go and see my vet. I was just not myself and I could not jump and certainly could not curl up in to a tight ball to go to sleep. I did miss the strange guest arriving on Saturday afternoon and so imagine my surprise when on Sunday morning after everyone had had breakfast and I was allowed to help clear breakfast there in front of me was a huge reindeer, eating my biscuits! Well on second thoughts it was not eating my biscuits as it was made of a twigs/wicker but it must have been 4 foot high and standing in my Breakfast room! I did let master and mistress know it was not on as we do not allow pets as I am more than enough for this house. Luckily it left with the guests. My back is now better just in case anyone wondered!

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All well again

All well again, my paw is back to normal with only a small war scar to show! I was very good when I went to have my staple out, I just sat quietly and looked at mistress while my vet took the staple out. I was even sent home with a bit of spare bandage in case it was needed again but she obviously took her job seriously and did not give me any biscuits for being so good! I will show her! I will loose some of my winter weight that I have put on to keep the cold out and then she will give me a biscuit next time I visit!

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I have a paw-ly paw so I am feeling very sorry for my self. I cut my pad on my front paw, not sure how I managed it but at least I had had a wonderful 2 hour walk before hand. Mistress noticed me limping in from the garden so managed to take me to my vet. He , the vet, decided that I needed a stitch.  Well I am sorry but didn’t think that a stitch was a good idea so I rolled my eyes at him, so much so he thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head! so he decided to staple me together! I have a very natty bandage on my foot and it is beginning to feel better and I can put more weight on it , BUT do not tell master and mistress as they are being very caring and waiting on me hand and paw. Just a few more bags of chockie drops and I will be fine.

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old friends

I am looking forward to seeing some old friends this week end, well they are not THAT old! haha. I have not seen them for maybe 3 years but they have promised lots of tummy tickles which are hopefully for me and not master! I am just a bit worried that they may notice that I have put on a bit of weight, hopefully they will not mention it? I am also looking a bit older than when they last say me but again hopefully they will be polite and will not laugh! I think I will get mistress to get the black shoe polish out to hide the grey hairs and if I stretch they may not see the extra pounds! Anyway I am looking forward to seeing them again and entertaining them with all my stories, although I do believe they may read this as they seem to know that I have had tummy tickles from other friends.

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So embarrassing

We are in embarrassing season again! Really mistress is so embarrassing, she thinks it is so funny to leap around jumping up to try and catch leaves that are being blown off the trees, SHE says it is lucky if she catches them, I say that it is a miracle that she does not fall and brake something! Then what is even worse is the delight she has in dragging her feet through the piles on leaves on the ground, my mum always told me to pick up my feet, she would not have been impressed with mistress! well she might have been with the love and attention I get but not with all the embarrassment she gives me!

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Autumn is here, the apples are getting larger so they are easier to bring down the garden and into the house! Mistress is trying to make apple jelly and it is not setting, I think if she added a few of my special apples it would set nicely but she takes objection to the teeth mark and nibbles skin, it all goes in a big pot I am sure none will notice! Last week I was busy helping Jess and Paul dig the 2 new flower beds, I had great fun as they did not shout at me as mistress does! I had such fun helping them. Now autumn is here I am getting better walks  as mistress loves kicking up the leaves so we often go in the woods but I do not like the hanging around as she picks up cones and conkers.

I miss my friendly guests none seems to like me at the moment and some friends of mine wrote  a review about me ( oh and windrush) and their traveler tip was to bring dog food with them! What good friends they were!

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I’m still here!

I’m still here at Windrush House so please no more crying emojis. My German friends went without me, I think they were relieved as mistress did tell them about my car sickness problem, maybe they will come back and visit me in the future. I would have felt bad when I still had to do work here. I have been sooo busy again welcoming new friends and seeing old friends returning.

I am loving the autumn fruits and am so spoilt as which one to retrieve and take in to the kitchen for mistress, there are plums from next doors tree, crab apples (they roll around really well!) eating apples (they go off really quickly) or cooking apples (they are fun as they always squirt sour juice at me!) . Which ever I take in the kitchen for mistress I have to show it off, take the stalk out with my teeth, holding the fruit between my paws and then jump around it barking! After a while I get bored with it so leave it for people to fall over and go and get another one!

But don’t worry I’m still here and will be hopefully for a while!

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I’m packed up

I’m packed up and have one of my toys with me ready to go to a new home in Germany! my 4 new friends said that they wanted me to go home with them and as they LOVE me so much and I wouldn’t be missed here, I have packed moo and some biscuits for the trip and I am going…. the only problem would be if mistress says something about my car sickness and terror of going in a car if she keeps quiet I think I can get away with it and we would be outside Broadway before they realized! I’m packed up with a few items and hopefully master and mistress will send on my other toys, if they can get a shipping container sorted to take them all. I do have one problem though a Canadian lady arrived last night and she LOVE’s me and couldn’t wait to meet me and if I go I will not have done my job for her!

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New friends

I have 4 new friends, they are staying with us for 4 days and they LOVE ME! I try to say hello each evening and they always want to see me and tickle my tummy, I am in heaven! My new friends have lots of exciting new smells on them when they return after theirs days out walking so I have to take time to check out if they have seen any other dogs. I also frisk them to see if they have biscuits on them, so far they haven’t! but I live in hope and hope that they do not listen to mistress who keeps telling people I have had far too many biscuits!

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Well hello there, sorry I have not written for ages but I have been soooo busy, I just have not stopped doing guest relations and food sampling it has been really busy. I have met some lovely new friends who will hopefully return to see me again. I have also had people staying who are scared of dogs ? they had not met me or that fear would not have been there. Hopefully the cooler weather will mean I go back to longer walks again but mistress is so slow as she does a magpie impression of picking up all sorts of things, conkers, fir cones, beech nuts, ferns etc, I do not mind the blackberry picking as I get to sample how ripe they are! The other day master was given a large paper bag to get rid of ..well I sneakily grabbed it off him and whilst master and mistress were laughing at how quick I was, it was gone! I was just helping make sure it was ideal size for the recycling bin oops bit of a mess!

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