Phew it has been hot! because of the heat mistress has been making sure I get to paddle most days. She has also taken to walking me early in the morning before it gets too hot. We set off between 5am and 6am and it is wonderful as we see so many rabbits and we even see deer out in the fields, leaping in the air. I do enjoy the early morning walks but I miss the one later in the day, I do try to remind mistress it is going out time but all she says is I have already been out! Master has said that she can take me in the winter at the same time, I don’t think so I am not going out when it is cold and dark!

Master brought me a cooling gel mat but I don’t use it, it squelches!  This week we have had some new guests who thought I was wonderful, I joined them for tea in the garden for 2 days, they gave me lots of attention, even the guests who claimed they were cat lovers seemed to like me!

Phew, hopefully the heat will break soon.

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Muddy knees

It is sooo hot, sometimes I just do not know where to put myself to cool off. Mistress is trying to walk me early and trying to let me paddle most days but I only go for short walks in case I get over hot. The other day we managed to get out earlyish and we went for a walk to Buckland and Mistress said she despaired at me! We have not had rain since may bank holiday but I still managed to find a stagnant muddy part and launched myself in and it went up to my knees! oh its was so cool and I felt like a hippopotamus may feel covered in mud to keep cool…but mistress was not happy. I had Muddy knees, she sent a photo to master who made matters


worse as he said I looked cute!!

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surprise visitor

Last week-end I saw my friend Amy again, she comes along to help mistress clean and sometimes serve breakfast, but what is great about her is she ‘loves’ me, no really  ‘loves’ me, I get wonderful tummy tickles, lots of them it is soooooo good.

This week we had a surprise visitor in the garden, well I have seen it before but never told anyone, I gave a sharp bark and then would not move so mistress came to see what was up. It was Henry the hedgehog, he was very hot and mistress thinks he may have come out looking for some water to cool off. I couldn’t wait to show master when he came home. He has sharp prickles and my nose got prickled as I accidentally put my nose on him when I was showing mistress. He has now gone, but hopefully not far and will be back, I don’t have many friends and he seemed friendly well sort of!

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Even after all this dry weather I can manage to find Mud! Mistress is not sure how or why I do but we walk along fields that are cracking and I find a muddy bit which I obviously have to walk in and it is normally up to my knees which usually means it gets on my tummy! I love to do it as it always causes mistress to laugh at me.

I was not laughing the other day as master was tickling my bum, mistress asked what was on my ear? master couldn’t  see anything but mistress insisted there was something and then she headed in to the kitchen with ‘purpose’! I did go to help and she was in my cupboard so I thought Oh Goody biscuits! but no she got a plastic packet out and told me to come back outside….she told master to hold my head and then she messed around with my ears, I was not good at standing but she eventually told me I was a good girl and gave me a treat…she had removed a tick form my ear! It must have been from all the long grass I have been running through, I don’t want to get another one as they are not nice and they drink my blood! Still I did get a treat out of it so all is good in the end.

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I have had some lovely walks in the last couple of days. Yesterday I went through lots and lots of long grass which was full of their seeds. As I ran through the grasses I set off a cloud of seeds and managed to get them everywhere ! Mistress was worried that I may get them in my ears but all master said was ‘ well it can’t hurt as it is all empty in there!’ how rude is he?

Today I went up to the tower and we had a wonderful walk, they also kindly put out a bowl of water so I managed a lot of slurps. Mistress did tell me off on the way home as she was busy photographing and showing other people the wild orchids and my big feet seemed to tread very near them! well I wanted to know what all the fuss was about as they were not paying attention to me! luckily I just missed stepping directly on the flowers.


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Hare and Hounds

I want to go to the Hare and Hounds hotel in Tetbury !

We had 2 Australian ladies staying ( they were fun and laughed a lot!) and they were surprised at how many dogs were allowed in pubs and restaurants over here,(don’t they that dog is man’s best friend?) any way one of the ladies was saying how in the Hare and Hounds  they had a special dog menu! She showed it to mistress who told me all about it and I think I would order the baked fish, potatoes and peas followed by the braised venison with rice and carrots mmmmmm that sounds good. Mind you I do not eat too badly here at Windrush only yesterday I had smoked salmon and this morning sausage and bacon! well we hate waste here!

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Afternoon tea

Once again I have been busy busy, because of the good weather I have been entertaining/welcoming the guests while they have been having afternoon tea in the garden. I do like to give a warm welcome in hope that I will be rewarded with a crumb or two! I did push my luck the other day when they guests were not big dog lovers so to my embarrassment I had to be taken inside! I do so love and afternoon tea as you never know if it will be home made, lemon drizzle, victoria sponge or even a shortbread…I am not fussy!

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Bath time again

It was bath time again last week, they come around so quickly, my last one was in July last year. I do hate having a bath it means I do not smell of being ‘ME’, I end up smelling of head and shoulders, ugh! The weather was so hot mistress thought I would be able to dry out before bed time, she even aired my bed so I would not smell of ‘ME’ the following day. We have not had many long walks lately as it has been so hot but because it is hot I get to spend lots of time out in the garden doing my checking of my grounds.

We have had some of my favourite guests here this week, they come all the way from Belgium to see me, I get so many tummy tickles and they even make sure they leave a bit of sausage for me!

The blue bells are out and smell lovely at the moment but mistress is always telling me not to tread on them, well I forget as some rabbit scent hits me, I just go!

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You will all be pleased to know that my broken wag has now mended, thank you for all the speedy recovers you sent me! I have been working hard again with lots of guest relation activities with guests from various places in the world, one thing is for sure there are a lot of dog lovers out there and in lots of countries.I see lots of photos of other dogs that people have left behind at home. The weather has been awful and lots of my walks have been in the rain but yesterday we had hail, 2 torrential downpours and blue skies with sun all within the 1.5 hours we were walking, I did get wet! I am so happy that my wag has mended as it means I can greet people with lots of tail wagging as they would expect!

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Broken Wag

Hi everyone, I have just come back from the vets and I have broken wag again! I used my tail so much over the week-end I have pulled a muscle, the vet said that ‘working dogs’ suffer from it and I was waiting for mistress to say ‘but Phoenix is a working dog!’ but she didn’t she just laughed! how rude. I was looked after by my foster parent this week-end and I went on 2 really nice walks and then I was swimming and that is where the damage was done and with all the excitement of seeing everyone and welcoming master and mistress home I hurt my tail. The good news is that I have lost weight which mistress has been trying to get me to loose since the autumn. We have had some wonderful weather so I have been outside busy helping in the garden and helping build a shed, so less sleeping time, might have helped with loosing weight.

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