not happy

I am not happy, every time mistress mops the kitchen floor my bed gets taken out , normally it goes in the lobby area by the washing machine, but this time it was thrown in the garden! I know what she is up to, soon it will be under the walnut tree and she will forget to bring it in and I will end up sleeping in the garden! I do show my displeasure each time she moves it by claiming it,nixgard2 no matter where ever she puts it, I sit in it and won’t budge till she is ready to move it back to its rightful place in the kitchen where I can keep an eye on what is going on!

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So hot

It has been so hot, I don’t think I am made for hot weather. The day starts off well and I rush to find a patch of sunlight either on the terrace of in the sitting room, then it dawns on me that it will be getting hotter and the black haired coat is not ideal. Mistress tries to take me to cooler woodlands for my walk or if we are out in the sun she incorporates a stream I can splash in during my walk. Mistress says it is going to get hotter! help that might mean another bath!

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Bath time

It is that time of year again, so I was informed…bath time, I only had one last year it cannot be bath time again! Mistress says that I smell so much better and my coat has gone all curly, I don’t like it! Why do I have to have a bath I am a dog and I small doggy that should be the end of that!

I have been doing a lot of guest relations and some guests even came back just to see me well, not only me but I was the main attraction obviously! IMG_0193

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Cooling off

I hope you are all enjoying this hot weather, I’m not as it is too hot and I keep needing to cool off. Mistress says it is all about my silly colour, black! and I should be a more sensible colour like golden. Still I have been working hard again entertaining various guests with my water bottle trick ( I was showing off!) ball collection and it seems that most of my toys have been dropped at feet in the garden. I had another mention on trip advisor, they said I was a friendly dog! Mistress is kind to me in this hot weather as she knows that I need cooling off, so most of my walks involve water of some kind that I can paddle in. I do love cooling off.nix pad1

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I had a lovely walk this morning running through the buttercups, as it had rained I had a very wet head and lots of pretty yellow petals all over me. I have had extra chocolate drops this week as I mentioned this week as a ‘wonderful dog Nixie’! I have  not done much work this week as it seems that the guests have not fallen under my charm, but I do have some special friends coming back to see me for a couple of nights next week and they are going to tell me all about their new puppy, we have seen a photo and they look so cute, even cuter than me!buttercup nix I have been busy in the garden again, collecting sticks and digging up potatoes!

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‘Soft mouth’

I have been busy again working hard with my guests. Some guests arrived who have 2 black labradors at home, well I had to do my best to make them feel at home so they would not miss their dogs too much. Yesterday master and mistress were busy with their cameras and were not taking enough photos of me! they seems to think red kites, buzzards and swifts were more exciting! We all decided to walk up the garden yesterday afternoon and I started digging away and then went up to mistress so pleased with myself as I had a gift for her. My tail and most of my behind was wagging, mistress suddenly realised that maybe it was not the present she wanted so asked me to drop whatever I was carrying, well after a lot of persuading I put it down, it was an egg, yes all in one piece as I have a ‘soft mouth’ ( mistress told me!) Mistress then called master over and they both looked at it and it was decided that it was a pheasant egg, well I could have told them that as mrs pheasant made a small nest in the old grass cuttings but I may have accidentally chased her off!

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I think mistress has changed my name to bluebells, we go out for walks and all she keeps saying is ah look at the lovely bluebells, well I look around and there is no one else there so I think she must have changed my name to bluebells and not bothered to tell me! We have had some of my favourite walks this week and the weather has been beautiful so I don’t have to be rubbed down when we get home so it is always nicer for me as I really do not like being rubbed down and having the mud taken off me! I worked really hard with guests on Tuesday , in fact they loved  me so much I didn’t ever think they would go for their walk!nixview

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Busy week-end

I have had a very busy week-end doing guest relations and it went on longer than normal as it was a bank holiday, but I did not even get double chockie drops! We had lots of nice guests who of course loved me, well who wouldn’t? I managed to grab quite a few tummy tickles and a bit of ear scratching!Today mistress said I deserved a nice walk so we went up in to the bluebells where we saw a deer watching us as soon as I saw it , only about 2 minutes later than mistress, I wanted to go and say hello but it did not seem very friendly as it was off leaping over the bluebells and fallen logs, hopefully it was not because of my reputation! We also saw lots of pheasants and baby lambs, some seemed to be only days old.  On the way back from the walk I was allowed to go swimming, a perfect end to a nice walk . We have been busy gardening this afternoon but I think I will get a bit of shut eye now before the guest relation job kicks in again! Such a busy week-end….. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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‘Internet sensation’

Well I am an ‘internet sensation’, well not really but 220 people have viewed a video of me on the internet so I think that makes me an ‘internet sensation’. Master put a biscuit in a box for me and my job was to get the biscuit out, well after I chased the box around the kitchen for a while I jumped on my bed and tried to get at the biscuit, after a while the biscuit fell out but I was having so much fun I did not notice, master had to point it out to me! Master and mistress really did laugh at me but really I knew the biscuit was there I just did it to make them laugh, really!

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, I had such fun helping hide the eggs in the garden for the Easter egg hunt. The trouble is I keep going back to check that they are still all where we put them! no I wouldn’t want to eat them …really! I did grab the chocolate Easter bunny that mistress put among the tulips though. It was soooo funny just as she took a photo I pushed past and grab bed it and ran round the garden! That is whet Easter is all about for me! Hope you all had a Happy Easter.Easter 17

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