I have decided I love snow, it makes walking such fun. We had lots of snow this week and when mistress took me for a walk on Tuesday we went on one of my favourite walks and it was so deep I had to leap everywhere! The snow was up to my tummy so my legs had to work sooo hard. Mistress kept stopping to take loads of pictures and so I had a bit of a break but we had such fun in the snow. It seems to me that the smells are so much more exciting and I am sure there were mice beneath my feet so I kept doing Tigger jumps which made mistress laugh.nix snow

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I have decided what I would like for Christmas, socks. The other day we went for a walk and my pads got very cold on the frozen ground and then a bit later they got really muddy so I think that a set of paw socks would be really cosey! Mistress just laughed at the thought but when her and master went in to a shop the other day she pointed them out, master laughed! I do love to keep my paws clean so not sure that they would stay on very long if I had a set…maybe I would prefer chocolate drops instead of socks.nixie feet

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Christmas helper

We are getting in to the swing of Christmas, I am a Christmas helper,nixrudyjpg and I know it is still November but last Friday was Broadway’s first, of 2 , late night shopping’s. We were full with lovely guests who all loved me, well that is normal! Mistress ran around getting some festive decorations up and a few lights up, I seemed to get in the way most of the time, according to HER!, but I did grab my toy reindeer as I was trying to be a Christmas helper, I may have left it on the floor to be tripped over a few times but I was helping. We have the second late night shopping this Friday with some returning guests which is always fun.

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New toy

Master and mistress have been away so I have not managed to let you know what I have been up to. My foster Mum and Dad moved in to give me 5 star treatment, as I justly deserve! Several walks a day and hourly tummy tickles, what heaven! That has all finished now and we are back to the one walk a day but it is nice to see master and mister home safely. They brought me home a present, I have already pulled the eye out but I love it, It is a new toy, a lovely cuddly elephant, or ‘thumpy’ as master calls it. It is always fun having a new toy as I throw it around and snuggle up to it when I  nixele

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Wet walk

Mistress and I went for a very wet walk last week, first really wet walk for month but boy was it a wet walk. I had to go in the car! we went up to Dover’s Hill, IN A CAR!!! I was very quiet all the way and then when we got out the other end it was all misty and we could not see a thing, but that did not worry me, so many new smells. I ran, I zigged and I zagged, oh it was such fun. There were loads of squirrels collecting sweet chestnuts and they were teasing me running this way and that way, oh mistress did laugh and she said something about ‘I should have gone to specsavers’ I have no idea what she meant!

We also had some guests who seemed to like me, although I actually think they were ‘cat people’, but they arrived with a plant for mistress and a tube for me, it was the best tube I had had all week but it did not lasy long!Nixcar

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We have had a busy time with lots of walkers followed by a wedding party and now an Italian tour! I always like walkers and they normally like me ( not the grumpy ones!) I said hello to 4 lovely American walkers last week, well 3 loved me and the other one was a CAT person! unfortunately I was only allowed to say hello once they had finished their homemade almond shortbread. I think they were missing their animals left at home. One thing I do love to do with walkers is to go and check out their boots that are left downstairs in the hall on the mats they are full of interesting smells on the outside from all the fields they have been walking through, lovely!

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Mud is back, yes autumn and rain is here, oh I do enjoy paddling in muddy water but I do not like being dried off. The best walk the other day was when the mud was all dry by the time I got home so all mistress had to do was rub my tummy and it all fell off, wonderful why can’t all walks be like that! It is very dark outside in the morning when I have to go up the garden, it is all a bit scary so mistress has to encourage me to go out…I really want her to come with me and hold my paw, but she won’t, not fair!

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Autumn is here

Well autumn is here but we have had some good weather, mistress was so delighted with the weather last week we went for a long walk. It was one of my favourites as you head up towards the tower so lots of new and exciting smells and the views were beautiful. Mistress says she even saw a fox, a lady walking in the opposite direction also saw it, I think I may have been preoccupied with an interesting aroma as I did not see it.

My book keeper came to see me last week, well when I say my book keeper, I don’t actually need one yet, (maybe when I publish my blog!) she arrived with a cardboard roll for me, such fun as I rolled around with it between my paws and then chewed it up in to about 20 pieces.

I think I have won over a guest, he is allergic to dogs but still comes over to stroke my head! nixwalk

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Taking it easy

I have been busy, guest relations again! I have even been mentioned on tripadvisor again. I love this time of year as the apples keep falling off the trees and I collect them for mistress, she did shout at me the other day as she slipped on one of the crab apples I had collected for her. When she counted them up there were a total of 4 apples rolling around the kitchen floor! she was not amused. Any way I habeen so busy I am now taking it easy ready for the next round of guests.nix easy

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Pink Lady

Master and mistress went out last week-end and came back with a pick and mix bag of exciting doggie treats and a new identity tag for me. It is PINK! and I am now a pink lady! it is the first time anyone has brought me a girly coloured item I feel so proud a real pink lady. It jingles a lot more than my old one (the one I lost!) but I feel so proud of it. On one side it says Windrush House and the other it says our telephone number so that if I get lost I can be brought home. I would have liked my name but you are no supposed to put our names on it in case we get stolen and the thieves then know what we will answer to. I am so proud that master chose a pink tag for me.FullSizeRender

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