Well hello there, sorry I have not written for ages but I have been soooo busy, I just have not stopped doing guest relations and food sampling it has been really busy. I have met some lovely new friends who will hopefully return to see me again. I have also had people staying who are scared of dogs ? they had not met me or that fear would not have been there. Hopefully the cooler weather will mean I go back to longer walks again but mistress is so slow as she does a magpie impression of picking up all sorts of things, conkers, fir cones, beech nuts, ferns etc, I do not mind the blackberry picking as I get to sample how ripe they are! The other day master was given a large paper bag to get rid of ..well I sneakily grabbed it off him and whilst master and mistress were laughing at how quick I was, it was gone! I was just helping make sure it was ideal size for the recycling bin oops bit of a mess!

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