I have a paw-ly paw so I am feeling very sorry for my self. I cut my pad on my front paw, not sure how I managed it but at least I had had a wonderful 2 hour walk before hand. Mistress noticed me limping in from the garden so managed to take me to my vet. He , the vet, decided that I needed a stitch.  Well I am sorry but didn’t think that a stitch was a good idea so I rolled my eyes at him, so much so he thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head! so he decided to staple me together! I have a very natty bandage on my foot and it is beginning to feel better and I can put more weight on it , BUT do not tell master and mistress as they are being very caring and waiting on me hand and paw. Just a few more bags of chockie drops and I will be fine.

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