Phew it has been hot! because of the heat mistress has been making sure I get to paddle most days. She has also taken to walking me early in the morning before it gets too hot. We set off between 5am and 6am and it is wonderful as we see so many rabbits and we even see deer out in the fields, leaping in the air. I do enjoy the early morning walks but I miss the one later in the day, I do try to remind mistress it is going out time but all she says is I have already been out! Master has said that she can take me in the winter at the same time, I don’t think so I am not going out when it is cold and dark!

Master brought me a cooling gel mat but I don’t use it, it squelches!  This week we have had some new guests who thought I was wonderful, I joined them for tea in the garden for 2 days, they gave me lots of attention, even the guests who claimed they were cat lovers seemed to like me!

Phew, hopefully the heat will break soon.

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