Scary greenhouse

There was something scary in the greenhouse! Mistress was busy putting washing on the line and then she decided to do some gardening. The tomato plants were getting a bit hot so she propped open the window and left the door open and off she went to weed. Well the wind got up and as I was being nosy I was looking in the greenhouse, well I have never been in there so I was peering in and heard a noise! I growled and told this noise what I thought of it, well it obviously was not scared of my growl so I growled louder! still this humming noise came from the greenhouse so I barked! still not scared of me…little did I know that mistress had crept up on me and did a loud bang behind me, well I jumped which made her laugh. Mistress told me not to be so silly as it was just the wind humming through the skylight! I just think it is a scary greenhouse and I am going to keep an eye on it, but not go too close!

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