Another busy week has passed, I have been helping mistress the Christmas cards and even putting my paw print in some!

Last night was sooo scary and all mistress and master could do was laugh at me! Mistress had been to the dentist and was feeling tender and her neck really hurt from the tension so she borrowed Master’s wheat and lavender tube and proceeded to heat it in the microwave. She then placed it around her neck…well this made her outline different so at first I was not sure who it was then she sat next to me and the thing sort of crunched and creaked as it moved…and..well it smelt really strong of lavender…UGH! so I had a mad 10 minutes barking and jumping around showing how scared I was and they just laughed at me and told me not to be so silly. When I realised that they were not going to remove it I sat at the furthest corner of the sofa , curled up in a tiny ball and showed my displeasure. This morning I feel as if I was a bit of a drama queen…but you never know if you can trust a lavender bag or not ( in my world!)

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