Still a busy bee

Well I am still a busy bee and it fair wears me out. Last week we had lots of nice guests and I managed to entertain them…well when I say entertain them…I would sit drooling as they ate muffins with their afternoon tea and they would laugh at me, so I suppose that is entertaining!…anyway…there I was drooling in the sitting room and some guests came back from the butchers with Broadway bangers and an award winning pork pie and I must say I was torn…crumbs from a muffin or should I go for the sausages…well they had almost finished the muffins so I went to welcome back the other guests with the sausages and everyone laughed at me ! I never did get any of the sausages as mistress had already put them in the fridge for the guests! huh!

We have more guests this week and I am still working but mistress and my foster mum ( she looks after me when master and mistress are away) took me for a nice walk this morning and I managed to get some swimming in! before returning to the entertaining mode!

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