Strange guest

I have been really busy, last week-end some guests came back to see me, BUT I did a silly thing and was so excited I slipped on the sofa as I was barking my welcome and twisted my back, so yet again I had to go and see my vet. I was just not myself and I could not jump and certainly could not curl up in to a tight ball to go to sleep. I did miss the strange guest arriving on Saturday afternoon and so imagine my surprise when on Sunday morning after everyone had had breakfast and I was allowed to help clear breakfast there in front of me was a huge reindeer, eating my biscuits! Well on second thoughts it was not eating my biscuits as it was made of a twigs/wicker but it must have been 4 foot high and standing in my Breakfast room! I did let master and mistress know it was not on as we do not allow pets as I am more than enough for this house. Luckily it left with the guests. My back is now better just in case anyone wondered!

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