surprise visitor

Last week-end I saw my friend Amy again, she comes along to help mistress clean and sometimes serve breakfast, but what is great about her is she ‘loves’ me, no really¬† ‘loves’ me, I get wonderful tummy tickles, lots of them it is soooooo good.

This week we had a surprise visitor in the garden, well I have seen it before but never told anyone, I gave a sharp bark and then would not move so mistress came to see what was up. It was Henry the hedgehog, he was very hot and mistress thinks he may have come out looking for some water to cool off. I couldn’t wait to show master when he came home. He has sharp prickles and my nose got prickled as I accidentally put my nose on him when I was showing mistress. He has now gone, but hopefully not far and will be back, I don’t have many friends and he seemed friendly well sort of!

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