Well it has been hot lately and on Saturday master came for a walk with us as he was home (for a short while) so I wanted to show off my improved swimming and water-voling techniques. He came with his camera but once again I was just too fast for him. He did take a couple of photos of my black backside and tail sticking out of a bush on the stream bank, he said that he took those to show me how big my backside looks! cheek, I can’t help it if yet another guest commented on my ‘filling out’!

Once again a week-end with lots of nice guests, some of them returning to see me. I was a bit disturbed when one guest asked to buy me, I’m not sure he noticed how happy I was living here he told master and mistress that if they ever got fed up of me….well as if they ever would!….give him a call! I am happy here with master and mistress and all my new friends I meet each day.

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