‘The Hounds’

Well I have had lots of lovely walks in the spring weather, they have also been very muddy walks, mistress cannot understand how I get mud in my ears! I will keep that secret to myself as it means extra attention when getting it out! The other day I did have a shock, you know that I do not get on with other dogs, and mistress tries her hardest to avoid other dogs….well we were walking along the other day, along the snowshill road and suddenly there were loads of dogs arriving….mistress said it was ‘The Hounds’ as if I knew what that meant! Well we went to the side and I sat tight and this one obviously thought I looked nice so came charging along to see me but luckily the people with ‘The Hounds’ shouted and this dog was so good it immediately returned to its place in the pack. The dogs all ran past me and I was fine, well I got a couple of biscuits for being so good so that was fine!Hounds

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