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In the dog house again!

I have been sooo busy and we haven’t even had guests this week. I have been helping decorate the house and one of my favourite jobs helping wrap presents as when the paper runs out it means there is a

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Another busy week has passed, I have been helping mistress the Christmas cards and even putting my paw print in some! Last night was sooo scary and all mistress and master could do was laugh at me! Mistress had been

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Warm Glow

I’ve been busy again this week doing B & B’ing stuff. Last week-end we had some regular Christmas shopping guests staying with us. They were delighted to see me as always but one of the ladies had some exciting news…since

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to give or not to give!

We had some lovely guests at the week-end…they loved me! I got a large number of tummy tickles and many pats, unfortunately all the banana muffins had been eaten before I was allowed in to the sitting room to say

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Little friends

Master’s grandchildren came to see me on Sunday so I had my little friends to play with. They love to play with my toys and some time they throw them for me we also do a lot of running about.

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Master and me time

Mistress went away and left us last week-end so I had plenty of master and me time! We spent time relaxing and taking it easy as life can be so busy. Master and I got very wet walking on the

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Dover’s Hill

I have not had much guest relations work to do this week so I have had lovely long walks. One day mistress put me in the car… and yes….. you guessed it drove me to Dover’s Hill near Chipping Campden…I

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Well another busy week for the B & B hound, 3 more of my business cards were taken and I even had 2 mentions on trip advisor! one said ‘ Plus, if you’re an animal lover, Nixie the dog is

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I do love autumn, especially this autumn as the weather has been dry so I get lovely walks and this morning was no exception as master came with us. We did the walk to Childswickham village via the vineyard where

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Well we are still busy with guests and they all seem so lovely. We had a couple from Hawaii and I think they were missing their animals so I had lots of attention. One afternoon, when it was a bit

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