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International Guest Relations

I’ve been busy again this week doing international guest relations and my Japanese is improving….素晴らしいです …yes I know what it means as it was said to me! I have also been working my magic on the other guests who also

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Busy bee

Well I have been a busy bee, this B & B business is full on in the summer. I have been a busy bee with guest relations. Last week we had two younger guests and they fair wore me out

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Well it has been hot lately and on Saturday master came for a walk with us as he was home (for a short while) so I wanted to show off my improved swimming and water-voling techniques. He came with his

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Little people

Yesterday I had a visit from 2 little people, well one is not so little he was 8 yesterday but the other one is much smaller and is my friend as she always makes sure I have some of her

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