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to give or not to give!

We had some lovely guests at the week-end…they loved me! I got a large number of tummy tickles and many pats, unfortunately all the banana muffins had been eaten before I was allowed in to the sitting room to say

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Little friends

Master’s grandchildren came to see me on Sunday so I had my little friends to play with. They love to play with my toys and some time they throw them for me we also do a lot of running about.

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Master and me time

Mistress went away and left us last week-end so I had plenty of master and me time! We spent time relaxing and taking it easy as life can be so busy. Master and I got very wet walking on the

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Dover’s Hill

I have not had much guest relations work to do this week so I have had lovely long walks. One day mistress put me in the car… and yes….. you guessed it drove me to Dover’s Hill near Chipping Campden…I

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