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‘Internet sensation’

Well I am an ‘internet sensation’, well not really but 220 people have viewed a video of me on the internet so I think that makes me an ‘internet sensation’. Master put a biscuit in a box for me and

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone, I had such fun helping hide the eggs in the garden for the Easter egg hunt. The trouble is I keep going back to check that they are still all where we put them! no I wouldn’t

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Lovely guests

We had some lovely guests staying, they loved me! If fact the liked me so much they wanted to take me home with the, when mistress said I was car sick so they would not get very far they exclaimed

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More biscuits

My fame is spreading and I have another person feeding me more biscuits when they see me. Mind you one of my outlets is closing in September, the bank, just when I was getting used to trotting along there for

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