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Cousin Toby

We were visited on Bank holiday Monday by cousin Toby, I have not seen him for ages. He was accompanied by his young master and mistress. It was a very hot so I showed cousin Toby my den in the

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I was electrocuted this week and boy did I shout about it! it was mistress’s fault, well partly her fault. There are sheep in a field and they are kept from the path via an electric fence and as we

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Scary greenhouse

There was something scary in the greenhouse! Mistress was busy putting washing on the line and then she decided to do some gardening. The tomato plants were getting a bit hot so she propped open the window and left the

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I had to go to the vet this week for my booster injection, I don’t like going to the vet, they are very nice to me but I am a real baby. Mistress got them to check my ears, well

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Mistress let me outside this morning at 6.20am ish and lo and behold there was a black and white cat wandering down the lawn. I could not believe my eyes the cheek of a cat walking along as if it

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