Busy again

I have been so busy again. We have had lots of race going visitors for the Cheltenham festival. Most of them like me but no one actually wants to roll around on the floor tickling my stomach. They all had a good time and mistress says we will see them all again next year as they have all rebooked.Mistress got the betting habit by the Thursday and she put money on several horses and guess what? some came in! she even managed to get the winning horse of the gold cup, she put £6 on to win ( last of the big spenders!) she was so happy to end up with £38. Talking of money while I had been being busy again master and mistress  went off to some show and when they came back I was told no more treats as mistress had spent all her money on a new camera!!There was I working so hard with the guests and I have had my treats stopped as there is no money for them! I have even been mentioned in 2 trip advisors and as we all know that should get me some Chocolate drops, that is the deal but the chocolate drops are masters domain so hopefully he has kept some hidden from mistress!noodle(b Oh yes it is taken with the new camera and I am now having to work hard at being a model!)

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