Lovely walk

On Saturday I had a lovely walk. Mistress’s brother and sister in law arrived (along with Toby my cousin, I have posted a photo of him with me in the summer!) It was a beautiful day and it was suggested we did a 7 mile walk around Snowshill, Stanway and Stanton, it all sounded such fun and then the doubt set in as it involved a car journey to Snowshill…well you have probably gathered by now that I do not like car journeys but I got into the foot-well and during the brief ride I let my feelings known with various howling! Once that was over we were off walking and it was a lovely walk going through woods which have such fun smells and it was not too muddy to start. We carried on walking till we got to the pub at Stanton, they were very nice there and they allowed dogs inside. Trouble was I have never been in a pub before so a bit like a car journey I was very worried about it and I whined most of the meal much to Mistress’s disappointment. There was a water bowl put out for us and then they produced 2 biscuits for us so nice of them. We then carried on walking which turned out to be a bit muddier which was a bit of a problem for Mistress’ brother who kindly lifted me over a style ( I don’t do styles !)  he was covered in mud from my underbelly! Any way we had a lovely walk and would love to go again in the summer when maybe we can take master with us and sit outside the pub for a meal ( I might not whine outside!)

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