Mistress was so cruel last week. There was a day when all the guests were staying on so she managed to clean the rooms quickly so decided we would go for a lovely walk trouble was it involved a car journey! She placed me in the car and drove me to Mickleton, a village she used to live in (with her previous dog) when she stopped the car and got me out she discovered me in a pool of saliva from the fright of  the car journey. Off we set on a wonderful walk, well it would have been if she had not kept telling me how it was better with her previous dog who was good off the lead, unlike me! We walked up to Hidcote gardens through fields with geese and sheep in, along past pretty chickens that I wanted to have a closer look at but mistress would not let me, and then down past Kiftsgate court gardens. Mistress scooped me up and put me back in the car to get home and yet again she was met with a pool of saliva on her return! She really is cruel making me go in the car to Mickleton……. but it was a lovely walk!IMG_3501

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