new dog tag

Well I have been busy..well you know I am always a busy bee. We have had Italian guests here all week and I think they like me but I don’t understand Italian they keep saying bello..does it mean I am beautiful? This week mistress bought me a new dog tag and said it was difficult to know what to put some people now put ‘I am chipped’ well apart from sounding rude I would have to be taken somewhere they can read chips and if I am found in a field if I have my address they could just pop me home ( not that it is likely I will be in a field off the lead!) or call master or mistress who should not be far away, well they would not leave me would they? The dog tag jingles a lot..everytime I move so mistress may get a different sort of new dog tag that goes flat on my collar so I am not so noisy. Master is not happy with me as I have flattened more vegetables…i think he is looking at buying a removable fence to keep me off and to protect his plants.

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