Poorly paw

I have had  a poorly paw this week, I even had to go to my doctors. Mistress took me for a walk and I got 2 thorns in my paw, which she kindly removed for me. Late on that evening I kept gnawing at my back foot so master and mistress tried to see what was wrong, of course I was not going to make it easy for them so I wriggled and wriggled with legs going akimbo, finally I gave up and let them look….BUT NOT TOUCH and master was certain that he saw another thorn in my pad. They did try to  get me to sit still so they could remove it but I was not having any of that so it was decided that the vet would have to do it. By the time I  got to the vet it had come out! but I had made my pad sore so I had to have an injection and mistress has had to try and bathe my pad in surgical spirit to toughed it up. Apparently marathon runners soak their feet in surgical spirit so maybe it will make me run further! Hope I do not get another poorly paw as I don’t like injections!

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