Sunny spot

Well I have been really busy with guests this week-end and most love me, which is to be expected! It has been very hot so I have been swimming a lot as mistress knows that is they way I can cool down. This morning we did a walk up towards Broadway tower and coming down Broadway high Street we met 2 lots of guests…it is a small world! We popped in to the bank and I was given 2 lovely gravy bone biscuits..yum.. and then we called in to the butcher to get some more Broadway bangers for tomorrow’s breakfast ( hopefully someone will leave me a bit of one).IMG_3226 I do love a bit of morning sunshine..I am not really allowed in to the guest dinning area but quite often I sneak in to check all has been laid up correctly then I find a bit of sunlight streaming through the windows and soak it up before mistress spots me!

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