Wet walk

Mistress and I went for a very wet walk last week, first really wet walk for month but boy was it a wet walk. I had to go in the car! we went up to Dover’s Hill, IN A CAR!!! I was very quiet all the way and then when we got out the other end it was all misty and we could not see a thing, but that did not worry me, so many new smells. I ran, I zigged and I zagged, oh it was such fun. There were loads of squirrels collecting sweet chestnuts and they were teasing me running this way and that way, oh mistress did laugh and she said something about ‘I should have gone to specsavers’ I have no idea what she meant!

We also had some guests who seemed to like me, although I actually think they were ‘cat people’, but they arrived with a plant for mistress and a tube for me, it was the best tube I had had all week but it did not lasy long!Nixcar

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